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Impact Created Till Date
₹90 Cr+
Investment Raised by startups
Jobs Created
Startup Incubated
₹30 Cr+
Revenue by Startups
₹8.5 Cr+
Funds to Startups
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Startup Growthpad Program
A dynamic initiative by the PIERC the Startup Growthpad Program is crafted to fuel the growth of startups. Tailored for product ready/early revenue stage startups, this intensive six month program is designed to empower entrepreneurs on their journey towards success.
This program is a comprehensive launchpad, offering investor pitching, specific sessions, crafting pitch decks, funding expertise, customized resources, one-on-one mentorship, market access, and powerful networking - everything you need to accelerate growth, ignite innovation, and become a market-ready powerhouse.
For Whom?
  • The program is best suited for the product stage or early revenue stage Startups looking for fundraising for their startups from Angel Investors and VCs.
  • The Startups registered with Private Limited Company Structure and having DPIIT Startup India Certificate is advisable. However Startups with Non registered entity can also apply provided that the Startup is willing to register the Private Limited Company in next 3 months of time.
  • How To Apply
    Fill the online form “Apply for Growthpad Program"
    Phase - 1 Evaluation (Internal Committee Evaluation)
    Phase - 2 Evaluation (Presentation to final selection committee)
    Submission of documents & completing the onboarding process
    Program Fees
    ₹25,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)
    A success fee of 1.25% to 5% will be charged upon successful investment from our pool of investors.
    Implementation Strategy Approach / Structure
    PIERC will execute this 6-month program according to the following structure:
    1st Month
    Orientation: Introduction to the program's objectives, resources, and expectations, and setting up the roadmap and milestones (Physical session at Vadodara Startup Studio)
    Startup Review: Comprehensive evaluation of each startup's strengths, weaknesses, and needs
    Mentor-Matching: Matching startups with suitable mentors and advisors based on their requirements
    Mentoring Session: One to one mentorship as per request from startup
    Workshop 1: Product and service enhancement
    Workshop 2: Sales & Marketing
    2nd Month
    Workshop 3: HR & Expansion
    Workshop 4: Accounting & Financial Management
    Workshop 5: Navigating Compliances and IPR
    Mentoring Session: One-on-one mentorship as per startup requests
    Milestone Check-ins: Regular monitoring of progress, addressing challenges, and adjusting goals if needed
    3rd Month
    Workshop 6: Legal Aspects of Investment
    Workshop 7: Fundraising Strategies & Valuation
    Workshop 8: Pitch Deck & Storytelling
    Mentorship Sessions: One-on-one mentorship as per startup requests
    Milestone Check-ins: Regular monitoring of progress, addressing challenges, and adjusting goals if needed
    Investor Pitching Preparation: Preparing startups for an investment pitching session
    4th - 6th Month
    Networking Events: Organizing sessions among startups and potential investors, partners, or clients
    Investor Pitching: Startups present their progress and achievements to a panel of investors, mentors, and the wider community
    Post-Program Support: Continued support and resources offered to startups for up to one year after the program
    Further Assistance In
    Funding Opportunities
    Investor Readiness
    Access to Industry Experts
    Co-Working Space
    Mentorship and Guidance
    Collaborative Aspects
    Comprehensive Growth Strategies
    Product Development and Market Fit
    Market Expansion and Sales